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The hospitality world is surely global as it goes beyond all geographic boundaries to reach guests everywhere. International travelers have become global explorers and storytellers that look for uniqueness to craft and share their stories.

Ever since ancient times, hospitality has been about building relationships but more than ever, hospitality highlights the value of being personal to capture the guests: By realizing the importance of experiences, by connecting with a purpose and by building trusted relationships.

About You

  • You Want Your Hotel’s Guests To Experience The Extraordinary
  • You Want To Create Lasting Memories For Your Guests
  • You Want Your Teams To Fulfil The Expressed And Unexpressed Wishes Of Your Guests
  • You Wish To Turn Your Brand’s Experiences Into Brand Relationships With Your Guests
  • You Believe In Genuine, Authentic Hospitality

We also do !

About Us

We partner with you to design and deliver training experiences for your employees and middle managers to unlock their potential and reach the desired performance excellence.

With our global footprint we are able to combine international expertise with local knowledge and delivery. We provide training programs within Europe, the Middle East, Asia and America.

For us, training is Believing

Believing in Potential, Positiveness, Improvement, Results.

For us, Training is seeing things from a different angle

We design each Training as an enjoyable journey for your people

We assist employees to pack their professional luggage with:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Values
  • Behaviors

so that they provide the finest personal service for your hotel’s guests

We view each training as a unique experience, a story to be remembered and shared. Like your hotel’s customer service stories.

We trust people’s potential. And we try to unlock it.

For us, Training is for the mind and the heart.

“I Know”

“I Can”

“I Want”

“I Want to go the extra mile and work with passion!

I Want to do my best!”

Are your people fully ready to perform their best and deliver your service commitment to your guests?

When you identify a gap between desired and current performance,

let’s discuss together.


Our Approach

We listen

to you carefully to understand your team’s development needs. We recognize and appreciate that each team is different so we start by understanding the objectives and challenges.

We Then Propose

our recommendations and ideas. We make sure that all the latest knowledge is there and the appropriate methodologies are selected for the program’s delivery. The training material is always customized to fulfill requirements.

We Deliver

the training programs with enthusiasm, integrity and passion. All sessions are highly interactive. We use a lot of relevant examples to make it easier for people to understand and implement the training’s objectives rapidly. Our delivery style is characterized as stress-free and very pleasant.

We Support

employee’s efforts to advance by providing structured follow up performance reviews and one-to-one coaching services, on site or remotely, and ensure the long term results are achieved.

These are the areas of our expertise that could assist
your role and some of our most popular programs

Middle Management Development

Because inspiration and influence are essential for success

  • SuperLead TM
  • SuperLead for the Next Level TM
  • Employee Engagement
  • Handling Challenging Situations with Employees
  • Communication for Influence and Impact
  • Wellbeing for Middle Managers & Employees
  • Leading Multinational Teams
  • Business Etiquette in the Workplace

Customer Service

Because Service is King

  • Welcome Service Excellence (for all departments)
  • On Stage, Our Role from an Different Perspective
  • Pit Stop Trainings (short in duration, high impacted, delivered even in peak seasons)
  • Luxury Service for the Elite Travelers
  • Quality Service in Front Office
  • F&B Excellence
  • We Welcome the World (a program for Cultural Intelligence)

Up Selling / Add on Selling

Because there many opportunities for additional revenues

  • Up Selling Upon Arrival (for front office)
  • Cross Selling for Stay in Guests
  • Room Reservations Handling
  • F&B Upselling & Add On Selling
  • Room Service Upselling & Add On Selling
  • Inspiration for M.I.C.E.
  • Refined Communication for Success in Sales

Customer Service Training
#Summer 2020 Edition#

Σεμινάριο 1: Ζεστή Φιλοξενία! Αυθεντική Εξυπηρέτηση

Σεμινάριο 2: Χειρισμός προβληματισμών / δυσαρέσκειας /παραπόνων πελατών

Σεμινάριο 3: Cultural Intelligence. Εξυπηρέτηση επισκεπτών από Ισραήλ, Ινδία και Αραβικές χώρες

Housekeeping Training
#Summer 2020 Edition#

Σεμινάριο 1: Housekeeping staff training – Εμψυχωτικό!

Σεμινάριο 2: Housekeeping staff training – Ακολουθώντας τις διαδικασίες

Σεμινάριο 3: Train the Housekeeping Trainer

Σεμινάριο 4: Housekeeping Operations – Fully customized

Για την κάθε μία ευκαιρία
που δεν πρέπει να χαθεί!
#Summer 2020 Edition#

Σεμινάριο 1: Εξυπηρέτηση Τηλεφωνικών Κλήσεων για Κράτηση

Σεμινάριο 2: Email Reservation Inquiries

Σεμινάριο 3: Social Media & Messages Exchange

Σεμινάριο 4: Upselling κατά την Άφιξη

Σεμινάριο 5: Room Service Upselling

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