Certified Guestroom Attendant, CGA

Guestroom attendants bring the shine to each guestroom, ensuring that the very reason guests come to the property–the guestroom, is kept to the highest standards of cleanliness. Certification recognizes that housekeepers are skilled in every cleaning task and that they greet guests warmly and respond to their guestroom needs.

The Guestroom Attendant Certification recognizes that these employees are skilled at the many tasks they must perform and that they always provide an outstanding experience for guests at your property.

The certification is supported by the START (Skills, Tasks, and Results Training) programs. START presents concise instructions for training employees on how to perform key tasks correctly, along with the general hospitality knowledge and soft skills needed in the hospitality industry.

Successful candidates who complete the training and pass the certification exam will receive a certificate and lapel pin.

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