Middle Managers & Supervisors

One-To-One Sessions

Inspirational Leadership For the Executive Chef

Inspirational Leadership For the F&B Manager

Inspirational Leadership For the Rooms Division Manager

Inspirational Leadership For the Executive Housekeeper


Group Sessions

Our workshops for middle managers and supervisors cover the following thematologies:

SuperLead – Inspirational Leadership for Middle managers, for Everyday Leadership ©

Luxury Leadership ©

Train The Hospitality Trainer

Handling Challenging Situations with Employees

Communication for Effective Leadership

Business Etiquette in the Workplace

Cultural Intelligence in the Workplace

Happy Colleagues! Happy Guests! Happy Me! Excellence in Servicing Colleagues ©


Workshops specifically designed to address the issue of Well Being in the Workplace:  

Stress Management

Contributing to a Positive Working Environment

Well Being as a Factor of Employee Engagement

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