New Hotel Opening Training

Inspired by your company’s mission and values, we are committed to planning for the development of your people.

We present everything as part of a “Journey of Learning and Growth”, a learning journey where there is the initial embarkation, the welcoming (orientation), and then the trip itself. Along the way, each topic is an exciting and eye-opening destination in itself, with much to discover and explore.

Our methodology enhances this spirit of adventure, using maps, luggage, compasses, passports and more (depending on the training and the level). To complete the package, we make this “journey” a multi-sensorial experience, aiming to engage and stimulate participants in a variety of creative & memorable ways.

Pre-opening      |      Our Warmest Welcome      |      Post-opening

For New Hotel Opening Training projects, we propose four phases:

Phase One:                         Final 3 months before opening

Phase Two:                         Final 3 weeks before opening

Phase Three:                     6 – 12 months after opening

Phase Four:                        1+ years after the opening


For each project, we present you with our proposed plan, making special reference to the expected learning outcomes and the personnel involved in each stage.

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