Our Multi – Sensory concept

Stimulating multiple senses during learning facilitates the creation of more cognitive connections, making learning experiences memorable and impactful!

At Welcome Global we definitely want our classroom training programs to be memorable experiences that also deliver results. We aim to increase the competence and skills of employees. At the same time, we aim to inspire, to motivate, to bring behavioural changes that encourage employees to adopt customer-centric approaches. Our programs deliver not just raw knowledge, but also the motivation to embrace and apply the new knowledge.

This is why we designed our Multi Sensory Concept. The Multi Sensory Concept is a technique included in our methodology which helps us achieve the desired learning outcomes through positive emotions experienced by participants.

Touch  |  See   |   Taste |   Smell   | Hear

We have created unique combinations of Multi Sensory tools:

  • Our “Premium” combination is included in all Welcome’s, Global classroom training programs.
  • Our “Legendary” combination is for all classroom training programs that are selected by the European Hotel Managers Association (EHMA) members, for their properties.
  • We also offer “Tailored” combinations, customized for the desired learning outcomes, the content focus and duration of the selected program, and the level of competence, motivation and experience of the participants.

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