Rooms Set Up – Guide for Excellence

This guide reflects the standardized set up of each room type, suite, etc.

The booklet includes photographs that cover the entire set up of each room type, from the exterior to the interior, and from the decoration to the amenities positioning. We photograph each point that is relevant for the maid, according to the procedures. The guide is delivered in luxury booklet format (printed) and electronic format.

An amazing tool for the rooms division department!

The Rooms Set Up – Guide for Excellence helps you:

  • To reinforce uniformity
  • To illustrate complex room set ups, such as suites, residences, apartments, etc
  • To be used as a training tool for new maids and new floor supervisors
  • To give housekeeping employees confidence to service all room categories in the hotel
  • To provide a main reference for people who are not experienced housekeeping supervisors (i.e. guest relations, room division managers, general managers etc.) and they do conduct room checks / quality checks.

All the material is fully customized to the relevant property.

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